Kevin Clerc Filmmaker / Drone Pilot / Cameraman / Video Editor My name is Kevin, I’m 31 and a travel enthusiast. I am from the French Alps, which is surely me today that enthusiasm for the mountains, nature and environmental protection.
2011 was the year that started it all. I went on my first solo trip in Indonesia. It was a big shock to see how other people lived, it created an eagerness in me to learn more about other cultures. This why I decided few years ago to left everything in my region to go backpacking around the World. My passion for travel and the incessant desire to go on the road, has grown to the point of becoming a true lifestyle. Throughout this journey I discovered within me the desire to share, through videos, the wonders that this world was offering to me.

After several years traveling and working around the world, I now offer my videographer and drone pilot services all over France in a unique way: To be creative.