Kevin Clerc

Professional Wedding Videographer and Drone Pilote

How I felt in love with filmmaking

Growing up in Jonzier, a small village in east France near Switzerland, I always had a love for videography. As a child, I enjoyed watching old movies and learning about filmmaking.

Throughout my life, I have pursued various passions including snowboarding, photography, football… But in the end, I found that travel and filmmaking were the two that truly spoke to me.

2011 was the year that started it all. I went on my first solo trip in Indonesia. It was a big shock to see how other people lived, it created an eagerness in me to learn more about other cultures.

My passion for travel and the incessant desire to go on the road, has grown to the point of becoming a true lifestyle.

Throughout this journey I discovered within me the desire to share, through videos, the wonders that this world was offering to me. This is how I started my videography company Face du Monde

After years of practice and tons of experience (I worked for brands such as Canon, Netflix, Discovery Channel…) I have learned the techniques that help me in my work in a unique way : to be creative.

I believe in the power of simplicity and sincerity in both travel and video editing.

It was during my first wedding shooting that I truly fell in love with the art form and knew that it was something I wanted to pursue.

Now, as a wedding videographer, I strive to capture the truth and emotion of a moment and I am honored to be able to enter into the intimate circles of my clients’ families and capture the joy and beauty of their special day.

Based in France, available worldwide.

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Pro Equipment

Camera, lenses, drone are the most important tools for the filmmaker. The quality of this equipment is as important as your skills level. As a professional filmmaker,  I’m glad to introduce you to some of my everyday work helpers: Cinema rig Sony A7SIII with a complete collection of cinema lenses and a Mavic 3 Pro drone with a micro 4/3 sensor to get exceptional aerial footage. 

Video Processing

Here I like to show you video processing. Sometimes you can not see results without direct comparison. So, I’ll show you direct comparison footage before and after processing, where I made the video editing, removed background noise, and improved colors, brightness, shadow…

All my wedding films are edited and color graded on Da Vinci Resolve the most advanced video editing software.

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