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More than anything, the purpose of my work is to allow all bride and groom I worked for to keep a timeless memory of their wedding through my films.

I have had the pleasure of working with many happy couples and have received some inspiring reviews from them. As you can see, my wedding videos have been greatly appreciated by the brides and grooms who have trusted me to capture their special day. Here are a few of their kind words.

All reviews down bellow are from my Google Reviews.

Testimonials and feedback from the bride and groom

Moulin du Vey, Normandy Guillaume Lamotte Moulin du Vey, Normandy
"Kevin was the videographer for our wedding and did an amazing job! During our special day, Kevin was always very attentive and observant. He is very talented and the visual aspect of the film were great ! The final result is just beyond expectation. We would strongly recommend Kevin for your wedding film."
Castle of "Maréchal Fayolle" Nadia Raimi Castle of "Maréchal Fayolle"
"We highly recommend Kevin as a videographer. He was able to capture all of the emotional moments beautifully in his film. Kevin is also very attentive to his clients' suggestions and preferences. His work is truly remarkable and we are so grateful to have these memories to look back on. You won't be disappointed in choosing Kevin for your videography needs."
La Croix des Champs, Annecy Coline Fleurent La Croix des Champs, Annecy
"We were so impressed with Kevin's videography skills and his pleasant, discreet demeanor. He provided excellent guidance on how to capture authentic, embarrassment-free memories of our special moment. The result was extraordinary and perfectly captured all of the emotions, atmosphere, and details of the occasion. These are truly exceptional memories that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime. We highly recommend Kevin for anyone seeking a skilled and professional videographer."
George Blanc's castle, Vonnas Célia Gallien George Blanc's castle, Vonnas
"We highly recommend Kevin as a talented and trust worthy videographer. He was able to capture the emotions of our wedding day with subtlety and discretion, and the final film and teaser exceeded our expectations. Kevin is a true professional and we are so grateful to have these beautiful memories to look back on. He is truly a gifted videographer and we highly recommend him."
Viry, Haute Savoie Kimberly Dutoit Viry, Haute Savoie
"If you want a skilled and reliable videographer, look no further than Kevin. He exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with the final result. He made us feel comfortable and unobtrusive throughout our event, and our guests didn't even notice his presence. Kevin is very attentive and creative, and he captured all of the emotions and moments of conviviality exactly as we had hoped. The aerial footage from the drone was also absolutely magnificent. We are so pleased with Kevin's work and highly recommend him."
Monaco Aurélie Ravarino Monaco
"We can't recommend Kevin enough as a videographer. He was able to capture all of the intimate and important moments of our special day with discretion and skill. The editing was meticulous and we were even more emotional when we watched the film than we were on the actual wedding day. Kevin's work is truly exceptional and we are so grateful to have these beautiful memories to look back on. Don't hesitate to hire him for your wedding videography needs."

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